Xbox One or Playstation 4

The Halo series is one of my all-time favorite series, not just for a game, but for an episodic journey. It’s the reason I’ve stuck with Xbox for so long, despite a few “red circle of death” crashes and the Xbox Live monthly fee. However, after seeing the final specs for both the new Xbox One and the Playstation 4, I think the Playstation wins. However Playstation won’t have the new Halo, so despite all of its wins, that is a huge loss in my book.

And then there’s the controller…

Xbox wins and fails

Xbox One wins

  • Halo 5
  • Familiar controller
  • Maintain current Xbox Live membership
  • Lots of connectivity options, including HDMI in’s
  • Skype
  • Kinect ships with it

Xbox One fails

  • Internet is required to do anything
  • It’s always on, which is kind of freaky
  • Cloud-based everything
  • No backwards compatibility with my Xbox 360 games
  • Seriously annoying DRM and a game sharing fee
  • $499

Playstation wins and fails

Playstation 4 wins

  • Faster hardware
  • Cheaper online subscriptions ($4.99 compared to Xbox Live $9.99)
  • No DRM!
  • Doesn’t require a constant internet connection
  • $399

Playstation 4 fails

  • No Halo (yes, this is a big deal for me)
  • Unfamiliar controller
  • Gamer reputation and achievements back to square one

I’m leaning towards a Playstation, but I’m not kidding when I say that Halo is a huge draw for me. The game is absolutely fantastic. Seriously.

Your thoughts

If you’re thinking of picking up a new console, which are you considering and why?


  1. The bottom line is: The PS4 won’t have Halo.


    Now, there are no PS exclusives that I enjoy as much as you seem to enjoy Halo. 95 percent of the games I play end up on both systems, so potentially losing out on God of War or Uncharted wouldn’t really break my heart. So, I can’t really sympathize with you there.

    So if you’re going to get a PS4, you’ll have to understand that. Obviously I’m a bit of a Sony loyalist, so take my perspective understanding that I was probably never going to buy an Xbox One, regardless of what it was going to be.

    Obviously, I’ll be getting a PS4, not immediately but it’s inevitable. 90 percent of the games I purchase and play are bought used so the DRM is the beginning and end of the conversation between MS and myself. We’re going to agree to disagree but remain civil in social situations.

    As for losing the trophies and friends list: I wouldn’t really care about the trophies (Gamerscore) but would miss some of the people on my friends list. I have connected with a lot of new people only via the PS3, so I would have to weigh that.

    The controller should really be a non-issue. In a week you’d adjust. Also. I would add that the PS Plus program has been outstanding, doubly so if you own a PSP or Vita. The amount of free (quality) games and discounts easily make up the cost.

    One of the major differences that I think MS will try to sell is that the XB1 is an “entertainment center” as opposed to a “gaming console” by integrating more third party apps like Skype, Hulu & Netflix and making it work more closely with MS Smart Glass and probably Windows 8. They’ll also point to the inclusion of Kinect (which personally, I could do without). MS needs to make the case that their console’s “extras” are worth $100 plus (I believe) a larger continual upkeep cost for XBL Gold.

    Also to note, the Xbox requires online connectivity only once every 24 hours for gameplay, application programs will still work but games will not. MS is also trying to pawn off onto the publishers what to do with the used games market but are still (appropriately, I think) taking the heat for it. Until we know how the large publishers will treat the used game market for XB1, it’s hard to know how the market will respond. Either way: the DRM sucks. Also: PRISM.

    All of this being said: It’s early. The way MS was directly pwned at E3 means that they HAVE to respond somehow… right?

  2. Thanks Jack, good info and it makes sense. I’m leaning strongly towards a PS4. And I’ll probably pick one up as soon as it launches if for nothing else than finally having Blu-ray :)

    Also, I’ll work with the formatting!

  3. Nice, thanks. I’m pretty sure the Playstation 4 wins and is what I’ll get. Next question: do I get the first version released later this year, or wait until next year when they usually put out a smaller/slimmer model?

  4. That depends on your entertainment center. I have the space in mine for the “bigger” models and have never (yet) had a problem with the original, larger, models of the PSOne, 2 or 3. In fact, my bulky PS3, purchased in… 2007 or 08) is still running strong. Of course, I make sure they’re well ventilated and dusted cause… duh.

    The price for the original model may drop when a slimmer model comes out. Also, I believe I saw that the PS4 will have replacable hard drives. And did you see the Gaiku cloud service? It may serve as a good opportunity for you to play any previous generation PS games you may have missed out on.

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